How to Install Batman Kodi Build (2022) on Android, Fire tv

Do you want to download the latest new Kodi build in 2022? If your answer is yes for this query then you are landed at the perfect webpage. Batman Kodi build is the new and latest Kodi builds in 2022. This Kodi build is the world of entertainment. Because the have many latest section of Live TV, Sports, TV Shows, Movies, Music and etc. There are many Kodi builds in 2022 like USA Kodi build and many more builds. But the Batman Kodi build is the all-in-one Kodi build. The build works on any android device.

Batman Kodi Build

If you download this Kodi build you never miss any movie, news, tv shows, or sports games in 2022. This latest Kodi build updated you from time to time about new coming programs in 2022. So if you like this build then follow the steps at the center of the article and easily install this latest Kodi build on your Kodi.

Pay Attautions Kodi User!

Dear Kodi user after using the Kodi builds you can face some problems with the legality. Do you know the Kodi build is the 3rd party Kodi build? So the 3rd party Kodi builds are very dangerous to use. Because your online activity is actively tracked by your Internet Service Provider, app/addon devs, and government through your identifying IP address. Then you will protect yourself. Use a good VPN. Because VPN protects your online activity and your privacy system for others.

After using VPN you cannot face any problems. Because it protects your identity. So I suggest you a good VPN for Kodi. Use IPVanish VPN. It is a very good VPNs for other VPNs. In my personal experience, it works very well on Kodi. Moreover, this VPN allows you to use your account on unlimited Internet-connected devices.

Address of the Kodi Build!

Name: “Twisted”

URL: “”

How to Install Batman Kodi Build.

So now ready to install Batman Kodi Build on your Kodi. Follow the steps given below.

1-First go and open your Kodi and click the “Setting” icon.

2-In the second step is selecting the “File Manager” folder.

3-Click the “Add source” option.

4-Now enter the URL: “” and click OK.

Batman Kodi Build

5-After entering the URL the next option will enter the media name “Twisted” and click the OK option.

Batman Kodi Build

6-Click OK.

Batman Kodi Build

7-Now go back to your home screen of Kodi in the right site of Kodi there are many options but you can find and click the “Addons”.

8-Click the “Small Addon Browser” at the top of Kodi.

9-Click the “Install from zip file” option.

10-Click the “YES” when this warring prompt comes on the screen.

11-Next click the “Twisted”.

Batman Kodi Build

12-Select the “” option.

Batman Kodi Build

13-Now, wait for the Twisted Nutza Repo to be updated in a few seconds. When the addon will update then the notification will come at the top of the screen.

Batman Kodi Build

14-Select the “Install From Repository” option.

15-Click the “Twisted Nutz Repo” option.

Batman Kodi Build

16-Click the “Program Add-ons”.

17-Click the “Twisted 19 Wizard”.

Batman Kodi Build

18-Click the “Install” option.

Batman Kodi Build

19-Click “OK”.

Batman Kodi Build

20-Please wait for the Build installation notification will paper at the top of the screen.

Batman Kodi Build

21-Click the “Continue”.

Batman Kodi Build

22-Click the “Build Menu”.

Batman Kodi Build

23-Select your Build “Batman” option.

Batman Kodi Build

24-Press the “ Install” option.

Batman Kodi Build

25-Click the “Yes Install” option.

Batman Kodi Build

26-Now the build was downloading on your Kodi.

Batman Kodi Build

27-When the download was complete then click the “Force close” option.

Congratulations, you will install this Kodi build on your Kodi. (well done)

Now you can watch your favorite programs on your Kodi.

Is Batman Kodi Build is Legal and Safe to Use?

Ya, the Batman Kodi build is 100% legal and safe to use. However, what you access after you have installed this build may be illegal. Moreover, it is safe to use. But use VPN to access this Kodi build.


So do you want to put some new Kodi builds on your Kodi with more fun? If yes then install the Batman Kodi build. Because this Kodi build is the new Kodi build in 2022. This Kodi build provides you with all the new programs 2022 day by day your Kodi.

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