How to Install Docula Kodi Addon (latest version 2022)

Docula Kodi Addon is yet another fabulous Kodi addon application that is used to watch live TV, sports channels, news, cartoons, and other multimedia content. If you are desire to watch the Kodi app on your Fire TV, Android phone and other application then might be using this Kodi addon it will be proved beneficial for you. The addon has many sections of Sports Docs, Music Documentary, Space Documentary, Live Streams, Mizic Docs, Kids, History, Wrestling, Crime, UFO, etc. Mostly this Kodi addon is used in all the countries to watch these latest programs free of cost. It can be installed from Butter Fingers Repository.

Docula Kodi Addon

Further, the Installation method of this Kodi is the same as the other addon. If you are an old Kodi user then it is not difficult to install for you but the new users feel some difficulty with the installation of the addon. Follow the guideline of the center of this article that can help for the installation of this Kodi addon.

Sections of Docula Kodi Addon:

  • Sports Docs.
  •  Live Streams.
  •  Mizic Docs.
  •  Kids.
  •  History.
  •  Wrestling.
  •  Crime.
  •  UFO.
  • Music Documentary.
  • Space Documentary.

Pay Attarcation Kodi Users!

The most important thing about Kodi, before using the Kodi addon first you must connect your Kodi with a VPN. Because these Kodi addons are 3rd party of the Kodi addon and these add-ons allow you to access all the videos content, which you can like to stream.
In this case, when you cannot connect Kodi with a VPN at that time you cannot safe /protect your online activities from the government, due to this government servers were talked about in your online activities and your IP address was easily shown for everyone. The relation of Kodi addon with VPN is just like, As face mask is important prevention against COVID disease, same like, VPN is important for Kodi addon which provides a secure hub for your online activities. furthermore, to keep your private data safe from cyber while we are using it. Moreover, without connecting VPN while using the Kodi addon, you cannot save your data for a long period of time.

VPN is a very powerful VPN it can face these problems perfectly and it is also perfect for the Kodi app, so you can use Express keep in mind before using Kodi addon you must connect VPN with Kodi, never forget it is necessary for your online activities.

Installation method of Docula Kodi Addon:

if you want to install docula Kodi addon on your Kodi app and other devices. Then follow the steps given below.

1-Go your home screen of Kodi and click the “Setting”.

Docula Kodi Addon Setting

2-Select the “System” folder.

Docula Kodi Addon system

3-Select the “Add-ons” and click the “Unknown source” option at the right of the screen.

Docula Kodi Addon Add-ons Unknown sources

4-Click “Yes”.

Docula Kodi Addon Yes

5-Go back to the setting and click on the “File Manager” option.

Docula Kodi Addon File manager

6-Select the “Add Source”.

Docula Kodi Addon Add source

7-Click the “NONE” option.

Docula Kodi Addon None

8-Enter the URL on the search bar “ and click OK.

Docula Kodi Addon URL

9-Enter the name of media “butter” or any name through which you can identify this source and click OK.

Docula Kodi Addon OK

10-Go back to your home screen Kodi and Click the “Add-on” option.

Docula Kodi Addon Add-ons

11-Click the “Package Icon” option.

Docula Kodi Addon Icon

12-Click the “Install from zip file” option.

Docula Kodi Addon Install from zip file

13-Click the “Yes” button.

Docula Kodi Addon Yes

14-Select “butter” option.

Docula Kodi Addon Butter

15-Click “” option.

Docula Kodi Addon URL

16-Wait for Add-on Enabled Notification.

Docula Kodi Addon Notification

15-Click the “Install from repository” option.

Docula Kodi Addon Install from repository

16- Click the “Butter Finger Repository” option.

Docula Kodi Addon Butter fingers Repo

17-Select “Video Add-ons”.

Docula Kodi Addon Video Add-ons

18-Click on “Docula”.

Docula Kodi Addon Docula

19-Click the “Install” option and click OK.

Docula Kodi Addon Install

20-Wait for the Installation complete notification.

Docula Kodi Addon

Well done you can successfully install the docula Kodi addon.

It is legal and safe to use?

The most important thing is that the Kodi app is 100 % legal to use in any country of the world. And another thing is that Kodi addons have some small issues for legality. But using a VPN easily solves these issues on Kodi. Yes, the Kodi app is safe for use on any device.


So It can get quite overwhelming to choose the right Kodi addon considering hundreds of options available on google Understanding very difficult all these different types of Kodi addon. Then use docula Kodi addon it is the new version of Kodi addon and very simple to use. And it is best for you.

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