Fido K19 Kodi Addon (2022)

Again welcome guys today we come with another new and latest Kodi addon. The addon is a model for streaming content. Fido K19 Kodi Addon is a perfect addon for all human beings because the addon has all sections for Kids, Teenagers, Youth, and Olds people to watch their favorite programs. Addon has many popular sections of Live Tv, Music TV: Radio & concerts, Classic TV Shows, Movies, Kids Area, Stand Up Comedy, Fitness, TV Boxsets, Faith in Humanity, Need For Speed, Nature~History~Travel, Crime, Christmas, TV Windows & Art, 27/7 shows, etc.

 Fido Kodi Addon

Fido K19 Kodi addon is the All-in-one Kodi addon and it can be installed with the help of the fido repository. Let’s start now to install the addon with the help of mentioned steps given below.

Sections of Fodi Kodi Addon:

  • Live TV.
  • Music TV: Radio & Concerts.
  • Classic TV Shows.
  • Movies.
  • Kids Area.
  • Stand Up Comedy.
  • Fitness.
  • TV BoxSets.
  • Faith in Humanity.
  • Need For Speed.
  • Nature~History~Travel.
  • Criem.
  • Christmas.
  • TV Windows & Art.

Pay Attraction Kodi Users!

Let me now tell you some important things about the Kodi app. Kodi app is a legal app but the Kodi addon is something illegal to use. So first connect a VPN on your Kodi app because can gutted the problems on your Kodi app. Using a good VPN with Kodi is always suggested to protect your Privacy and Security system. If you need a good low-cost VPN to go through with Kodi.

Try Ipvanish VPN it is a wonder-full VPN for live tv streams with many different wonder-full channels from news to sports a long list.

Installation of Fido K19 Kodi Addon:

Follow the steps given below.

1-Go your home screen of Kodi and click the “Setting” option.

 Fido Kodi Addon Setting

2-Open the “System” folder.

 Fido Kodi Addon System

3-Select the “Add-on” and click the “Unknown source”.

 Fido Kodi Addon Add-ons Unknown sources

4-Click “OK”.

 Fido Kodi Addon Yes

5-Select the “File manager”.

 Fido Kodi Addon File manager

6-Select the “Add Source” option.

 Fido Kodi Addon Add source

7-Click the “NONE”.

 Fido Kodi Addon None

8-Enter this URL “” and click “ok”.

 Fido Kodi Addon URL

9-Enter the name of media “Fido” or any name through which you can identify this source.

 Fido Kodi Addon Fido

10-And click “OK”.

 Fido Kodi Addon OK

11-Again go back to your home screen and select “Add-on”.

 Fido Kodi Addon Add-ons

12-Click the litter “Box Symbol” at the top of the screen.

 Fido Kodi Addon Icon

13-Select the “Install from zip file.

 Fido Kodi Addon Install from zip file

14-Click “YES”.

 Fido Kodi Addon Yes

15-Open the source “Fido”.

 Fido Kodi Addon FIDO

16-Select the file “”.

 Fido Kodi Addon URL

17-Wait for the repository Add-on Installation message to appear.

 Fido Kodi Addon Notification

18–Select the “Install from repository”.

 Fido Kodi Addon Install from repository

19-Select the “Fido Repository“.

 Fido Kodi Addon Fido Repository

20-Click the “Video add-ons” option.

 Fido Kodi Addon Video add-ons

21-Select the “Fido.K19” option.

 Fido Kodi Addon FidoK19

22-Select the “Install” option.

 Fido Kodi Addon Install

23-Click “OK”.

 Fido Kodi Addon Ok

24-Wait for installation message.

 Fido Kodi Addon Installation notification

That it!

Now the fido k19 Kodi addon is installed successfully and ready to Use.

It is legal and safe to use:

The Kodi is a legal app but the Kodi addons have some problem with legality. Do you know the Kodi addons can give you all the best streaming content on your Kodi app? In this case, it is illegal to use but with the help of a VPN, you can very easily run the Kodi addons. Moreover, it is 100 % safe to use.


So the fido k19 Kodi addon has the latest sections of all the stream content. After reading the article I hope you understand how to install it on Kodi and other devices. Install the add-on to make fun in your life.

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