How to Install FMovies Kodi Addon on Kodi (2022)

Hello friends how are you? I hope you are fine. Now we are going to introduce you to a new Kodi addon. It is an FMovies Kodi addon. The quality of this addon is that it provides you with all the country’s video contact. There are all options of countries in the world. You can select your favorite country and stream their movies and series. This Kodi addon is the farther of movies and TV-series. Further, it is best for movies lovers because it gives you all the different movies content on your Kodi. Moreover, the section of this is Movies, TV Series, and Search.

FMovies Kodi Addon

FMovies Kodi addon works on Androids, Android TV, Mac, iOs, Fire TV, and other devices. The installation process of this Kodi addon is very simple to install. So if you want to watch all the movies then it is lucky for you.

Sections of FMovies Kodi Addon:

  • Movies.
  • TV-Series.
  • Search.

The man menu sections are given below for an image.

Pay Attention Kodi Users!

Oh my, Kodi users please protect your privacy and security system. Because these video contents are illegal in your country. Please protect yourself with help of a VPN. The first process of the Kodi app connects your Kodi with a VPN. VPN can protect your online activities, privacy and your IP address from hackers. But don’t warrior you can easily run these latest video content on your Kodi app with the help of a VPN. So we can suggest you a VPN for Kodi.

Use Express VPN it is the most powerful VPN and it allows you to connect your Kodi with 7200 servers located in over 90 countries. And their downloading speed is very fast like an airplane.

Installation Method of FMovies Kodi Addon:

Do want to install this addon on your Kodi. Then follow these steps given below.

1-Open your Kodi and click the “Setting” icon.

FMovies Kodi Addon Setting

2-Select the “System” option.

FMovies Kodi Addon System

3-Select the “Add-on” and click “Unknow source”.

FMovies Kodi Addon Add-ons Unknown  sources

4-Click the “YES”.

FMovies Kodi Addon Yes

5-Click the “File Manager” option.

FMovies Kodi Addon File manager

6-Select the “Add source”.

FMovies Kodi Addon Add source

7-Click the “NONE”.

FMovies Kodi Addon None

8-Enter this URL “” on the box and press the ok option.

FMovies Kodi Addon URL

9-And the other Box types the name of media “MBEBE” and click ok.

FMovies Kodi Addon MBEBE

10-Again check the URL and media name all is clear. Then press the “OK” option.

FMovies Kodi Addon OK

11-Go back to your home screen of Kodi click the “Add-ons”.

FMovies Kodi Addon Add-ons

12-At the top of the screen click the “Package Installer Icon”.

FMovies Kodi Addon Icon

13-Select the “Install from zip file” and click the “Yes” option.

FMovies Kodi Addon Install from zip file

14-Click the “MBEBE”

FMovies Kodi Addon MBEBE

15-Click the “”

FMovies Kodi Addon URL

16-Wait for the addon installation notification.

FMovies Kodi Addon add-on installed notification

17-Click the “Install from repository” option.

FMovies Kodi Addon Install from repository

18-Click on the “mbebe”.

FMovies Kodi Addon mbebe

19-Click the “Video Add-ons”.

FMovies Kodi Addon Video add-ons

20-Click on “”

FMovies Kodi Addon

21-Click the “Install” option.

FMovies Kodi Addon Install

22-Click “OK”.

FMovies Kodi Addon OK

23-Wait for the fmovies Kodi addon install notification.

FMovies Kodi Addon installed notification

Good Job:

You can successfully install FMovies Kodi addon on your Kodi app. Nice work.

It is legal and safe to use:

Hey, Kodi users! yes, the Kodi app is a legal app. The Kodi app is available on the Google play store and you can easily download this from Google. But the Kodi addons have some legal issues. Because the Kodi addons allow you to collect all the best video content on your Kodi. In that case, it was showing illegally. So you can face these problems on your Kodi with a VPN. VPN can protect your Kodi app from these illegal diseases. And the Kodi app is very safe for use.


After installing the FMovies Kodi Addon you never go anywhere for your Kodi app screens because it is a huge platform for movie lovers. It provides you with your favorite movies on your Kodi app at any time of the day. The add-on gives you all the information about the movies. You can say that this addon is like a world of movies. If you get some more information about the Kodi addon then visit our site

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