How to Install Gratis Kodi Add-on on Firestick & Androids (all the movies) 2022

Gratis Kodi Add-on is a smart entertainment Kodi add-on for Kodi users, especially movie lovers actually, this Kodi add-on is all about the movies. This Kodi video add-on can be installed for Diggz Matrix Repository. It is a source of video content that includes all the sections of Latest Movies, Trending Movies, BS Latest, Latest Seasons, BS Popular Series, and much more. The latest movies & web series of multiple genres are also included in it. And the amount of enjoyable content is enough for the fans. One more thing about this add-on that will blow your mind that’s is Top Kodi Add-ons.

Gratis Kodi Add-on

If you really want to stream all the movies on your Kodi and other devices. then must install the Gratis Kodi add-on on your devices. It only needs an internet connection to work effectively no matter it is a WIFI or data connection. Moreover, it is very easy to install. Follow the guidelines mentioned given below.

Gratis Kodi Add-on Section

  • Latest Movies.
  • Trending Movies.
  • BS Latest.
  • Latest Seasons.
  • BS Popular Series.
  • And many more

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Installation process of Gratis Kodi Add-on

Follow the steps given below.

1-Open your Kodi and click the “Setting” option.

Gratis Kodi Add-on Setting

2-Select the “System” option.

Gratis Kodi Add-on System

3-Select the “Add-ons” and click the “Unknown sources” option.

Gratis Kodi Add-onAdd-ons

4-Click on the “Yes” option.

Gratis Kodi Add-on Yes

Now, these steps are very important to install the Gratis Kodi add-on.

1-Go back to the setting and click the “File Manager” folder.

Gratis Kodi Add-on File manager

2-Select the “Add source” option.

Gratis Kodi Add-on Add source

3-Click on “None”.

Gratis Kodi Add-on None

4-Type this URL: “” on the bar.

Gratis Kodi Add-on URL

5-In the next bar enter the media name “DIGGS” and click OK.

Gratis Kodi Add-on Name

6-Again go back to your home screen of Kodi and select the “Add-on”.

Gratis Kodi Add-on

7-Click the “Small icon” option at the top of the screen.

Gratis Kodi Add-on Icon

8-Select the “Install from zip file” option.

Gratis Kodi Add-on Install from zip file

9-Click on “Yes”.

Gratis Kodi Add-on Yes

10-Find your media name “DIGGS” and click on it.

Gratis Kodi Add-on DIGGS

11-Click on “_Install _MATRIX_19_Repo”.

Gratis Kodi Add-on Install_MATRIX_19_Repo

12-Click this URL “

Gratis Kodi Add-on URL

13-Now wait for the Diggz Matrix Repository Add-on update notification will appear at the top screen. 

Gratis Kodi Add-on Notification

14-Click on “Install from Repository”.

Gratis Kodi Add-on Install from repository

15-Click on “Diggz Matrix Repository”.

Gratis Kodi Add-on Diggz Matrix Repository

16-Select the “Video Add-ons”.

Gratis Kodi Add-on Video add-ons

17-Click the “Install” symbol.

Gratis Kodi Add-on Install

18-Click “OK

Gratis Kodi Add-on OK

19-Again wait for a few seconds to The Gratis Add-on Installed notification will appear at the top of the screen.

Gratis Kodi Add-on Installed Notification

20-Go back to your home screen of Kodi and look the add-on is there.

Gratis Kodi Add-on

Wow, good job! you will successfully install the Gratis Kodi add-on on your Kodi. Now you enjoy your favorite movies on your devices at any time of the day.

There is somehow a legality issue with the Gratis Kodi add-on but don’t worry about it. Because you have different options like you can use VPNs because that protects your identity. We have different VPNs but we suggest two famous VPNs those are IPVanish VPN and Express VPN. Use these VPNs without any fair. So, don’t think that it is illegal you never face any type of issues. Furthermore, Kodi Addons are 100% safe to use on any devices like Android devices, IOS or Mac, etc.


Gratis Kodi Add-on is an open source for all movies lovers. Its value increases, especially when you can’t watch your favorite movies Hence, the presence of this Kodi add-on will make it possible to get updates anywhere at any time. Due to a vast collection of video content, the developer divides it into several groups according to the categories. So, open each section to find something of your taste. Get the Kodi add-on now & install it if you are a movies lover.

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