How To Install The Joker Kodi Build On Kodi

The Joker Kodi Build is the new Kodi build in 2022. This build is all about Movies, TV Shows, Sports, Kids, Videos, My Apps, Music, systems, and others depending on the particular build you select. It is the best platform for streaming anything which you want with first-class HD quality. Moreover, It also has lightweight builds for low-spec/low-RAM devices as well. Therefore, this Kodi build is the top Kodi build in the market and it is very simple to install on your Kodi. So if you want more amazing Kodi builds on your Kodi then you must be chacked Star Trek Kodi Build.

Joker Kodi Build

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Is Express VPN Good For Kodi?

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Is Kodi builds are legal?

YES. Of course, Kodi build is legal to use and install. Still when you access on a build could not be legal.

How To Install The Joker Kodi Build On Kodi.

Do you want to install The Kodi build on your Kodi? If your answer YES. Then follow these steps given below one by one.

1-First of all open your Kodi and click the Settings option.

2-Select the System icon.

3-Select Add-ons and click the Unknown sources option

4-Click the yes option.

Now, these steps are very impotent to install the Kodi build.

1-Go to your home screen and click the Settings option.

2-Select the File manager.

3-Click the Add source.

4-Click in the box where it says <None>.

5-Enter this URL in the box: Then click OK.

Joker Kodi Build

6- the name of media “ fracturedrepo” or any name through which you can identify this source. And Click OK.

Joker Kodi Build

7- Now go back to your home screen and click the Settings option.

8-Click the Add-ons option.

9-Click the Install from zip file option.

10-Select fracturedrepo option.

Joker Kodi Build


Joker Kodi Build

12-Wait for the “Joker wizard” Add-on installed. Then the message appears at the top of the corner.

Joker Kodi Build

13-Click the Dismiss option and push the back button on your remote.

Joker Kodi Build

14-Click the Continue option and press the back button on your remote.

Joker Kodi Build

15-When you see this popup. Then press the back button.

Joker Kodi Build

16-Go to your home screen of Kodi. And Highlight Add-ons or program add-ons on the left and Open the Joker wizard.

17- Click the (joker wizard) build.

Joker Kodi Build

18-Click the Bio-Hazard Build (v2.6.5) option.

Joker Kodi Build

19-Click the (joker wizard) Fresh install option.

Joker Kodi Build

20-Click the Continue option.

Joker Kodi Build

21-Now the joker wizard will start installing. Places wait.

Joker Kodi Build

22-when the build has been downloaded. It will install aging takes some time for installation.

Joker Kodi Build

23-when the joker wizard is installed. Then click the OK option.

Joker Kodi Build

That it! Now this build install successfully and is ready to use.


The Joker Kodi build is the top Kodi build in 2021. It is very simple to install on your Kodi. After installing this build you can enjoy unlimited streaming content, for example, free movies, TV shows, sports, etc. So if you need more builds on your Kodi. Then visit our site day by day for more information.

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