How to Install KodiVerse Kodi Add-on on Kodi & Androids (2022)

Today we are talking about the very famous Kodi add-on this Kodi add-on name is KodiVerse Kodi Add-on. This add-on provides you with everything that you need about this add-on. The add-on is installed through Narcacist Repository. So if you want to watch live content, Sports, TV shows, movies, and other best programs on your Kodi and other new devices. Then this Kodi add-on is the platform streaming any programs on the earth. The add-on is working on all the devices. For example, Android, Fire TV, Mac, Ios, Firestick, Android TV Box, and many other devices.

KodiVerse Kodi Add-on

Do you like to install this Kodi add-on on your Kodi and other devices for fun in your life? Then follow the steps given below.

Sections of KodiVerse Kodi Add-on

  • TV Shows.
  • Movies.
  • Live contect.
  • Sports.

Pay Attraction Kodi Users!

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Installation Method of KodiVerse Kodi Add-on

Follow the steps given below.

1-The first step is that “open” your Kodi.

2-Click the “Settings” option.

KodiVerse Kodi Add-on Settings

3-In the settings click the “System” Folder.

KodiVerse Kodi Add-on System

4-Select the “Add-on” and click the “Unknown source”.

KodiVerse Kodi Add-on Add-ons Unknown sources

5-Click on the “Yes” option.

KodiVerse Kodi Add-on Yes

6-Go back the settings and select the “File Manager” folder.

KodiVerse Kodi Add-on File manager

7-Click the “Add source”.

KodiVerse Kodi Add-on add source

8-Select the “None”.

KodiVerse Kodi Add-on None

9-Then enter this URL and click Ok.

KodiVerse Kodi Add-on URL

10-Now enter the Media name like “repo” and other names. Which you can find easily. Then click ok.

KodiVerse Kodi Add-on Media Name

11-Again go to your home screen of Kodi. And select the “Add-ons”.

KodiVerse Kodi Add-on Add-ons

12-In add-on clicks the “small symbol” option.

KodiVerse Kodi Add-on icon

13-Click the “Install from Zip File”.

KodiVerse Kodi Add-on Install from zip file

14-Select the “repo” option.

KodiVerse Kodi Add-on repo

15-Click the “”.

KodiVerse Kodi Add-on URL

16-Now please for the add-on installer message will come.

17- When the install message will come. Then at that time click the “Install from repository” option.

KodiVerse Kodi Add-on Install from repository

18-Click the “Narcacist’s Wizard Repository”.

KodiVerse Kodi Add-on Narcacist's Wizard Repository

19-Select the “Video Add-ons“.

KodiVerse Kodi Add-on Video add-ons

20-Click the “KodiVerse” option.

KodiVerse Kodi Add-on KodiVerse

20-Click the Install option.

KodiVerse Kodi Add-on Install

21-Wait for places for the add-on to be installed.

KodiVerse Kodi Add-on Installation massage

That’s it you can install successfully the KodiVerse Kodi Add-on on your Kodi.

KodiVerse Kodi Add-on

Now you can enjoy your see your all the live sports programs on your Kodi at any time.

Yes, Of course, it is safe to use but there are some issues about legality because the addons provided by Kodi have some problems. But Don’t be worried about it because we offer you the best VPN that protects your identity and avoids all the issues. So, without any fair use Kodi addons and enjoy an unlimited variety of contents.


In this article, we are giving you all the installation information about the KodiVerse Kodi Add-on on Kodi. This Kodi add-on is the very best platform for streaming any video content. So if you are a Kodi lover then this Kodi add-on is a great choice for you. If you like this Kodi and-on and you get more Kodi add-on then visit our website and be happy in your life. Share our website like on your family and friends and give your comments on our site.

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