How to Install Magellan Kodi Addon (new 2022)

Hello, friend’s once again welcome back to our website Our site can provide you all the new updates on the Kodi app. So today we are introducing you to the most updated Kodi addon and it is a free live TV. This Kodi addon is the new Kodi addon in 2022. You can call it Magellan Kodi Addon. The addon gives you very interesting sections of UK/USA, France, Portugal, Desporto, Espanha/Mexico, Italia/Alemanha, Music/Noticias Internacionais, List Magellan pvr Simple Client, and more. This addon helps you to stream these sections content on your Kodi app without any hesitation. Further, it is a very big open source for streaming content.

Magellan Kodi Addon

Moreover, it can install from Magellan Repository. Now we can learn how to install the Magellan Kodi addon on the Kodi app and other devices. You can install this Kodi addon on your Fire TV, Android TV, Ios, Mac, Androids, etc. For Getting more Kodi content visit

Sections of Magellan Kodi Addon:

  • UK/USA.
  •  France.
  •  Portugal.
  •  Desporto.
  •  Espanha/Mexico.
  •  Italia/Alemanha.
  •  Music/Noticias Internacionais.
  •  List Magellan pvr Simple Client.

Pay Attraction Kodi Users!

To use these Kodi addons first you can download the best VPN and connect this VPN to your Kodi app. Because the Kodi addons are the 3rd party addons and it has some problems of illegality. If you cannot connect a VPN on your Kodi app then at that time your online activities are traced on your internet serves and your IPAddress was shown for everyone. So use a VPN to protect your identity from servers.

Therefore you can use Express VPN. This VPN can work on Kodi with a protection shield. Use this VPN for Kodi.

Installation Method of Magellan Kodi Addon:

These steps help you to how to install this Kodi add-on. Then follow the steps very beautiful.

1-First open your Kodi and click the “Setting symbol”.

Magellan Kodi Addon Setting

2-Select the “System” option.

Magellan Kodi Addon System

3-Click the “Add-ons” and press the “Unknown source”.

Magellan Kodi Addon Add-ons and Unknown source

4-Click on the “Yes” option.

Magellan Kodi Addon Yes

5-Go back setting and click the “File Manager” folder.

Magellan Kodi Addon File manager

6-Click on “Add Source”.

Magellan Kodi Addon Add source

7-Click on “None” option.

Magellan Kodi Addon None

8-Enter this URL: “” and click ok.

Magellan Kodi Addon URL

9-The Next box types the name of media like “Kodiadictos” and click OK.

Magellan Kodi Addon Kodiadictos

10-Go the home screens of Kodi and select the “Add-ons”.

Magellan Kodi Addon Add-ons

11-Click the “Small Icon” option at the top of the screen.

Magellan Kodi Addon Small Icon

12-Click on the “Install from zip file” option.

Magellan Kodi Addon Install from zip file

13-Click on the “Yes” option.

Magellan Kodi Addon Yes

14-Select your media name “Kodiadictos”.

Magellan Kodi Addon Kodiadictos

15-Click the “Repository” option

Magellan Kodi Addon Repository

16-Click on this URL: “”.

Magellan Kodi Addon URL

17-Wait for the Repository to download installed notification will appear at the top of the screen.

Magellan Kodi Addon Notification

18-Click on “Install from repository”.

Magellan Kodi Addon Install from repository

19-Select the “Magellan Repository”.

Magellan Kodi Addon Magellan Repository

20-Select the “Video Add-ons”.

Magellan Kodi Addon Video add-ons

21-Click the “Magellan” option.

Magellan Kodi Addon megallan

22-Click the “Install” option.

Magellan Kodi Addon Install

23-Click “OK”.

Magellan Kodi Addon OK

24-Wait for a few seconds for the “Magellan Kodi Addon” installations message will appear at the top of a Screen.

Magellan Kodi Addon Notification
That’s it!

It is legal & safe to use

Yeah! of course, the Kodi app is the legal app for use. This app is a great open source for streaming video content. The Kodi app provides you with the 3rd party Kodi addons. So you can face some problems in the Kodi addon but you can solve these problems with the VPNs. VPN can protect your Kodi app from legality issues. And the other thing is that Kodi app is 100% safe to use.


Now it’s time to end our information on the Magellan Kodi addon. In this Kodi addon, you can find every type of section for streaming in HD quality. Moreover, you can install this Kodi addon without any cost. And in this Kodi app, there are available all types of streaming in HD quality content. So, don’t waste your time and money on other sites get up and install this Kodi addon fast. More, if you like this Kodi addon then share it with your friends and family. Thank You!

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