How to Install Stream2Watch Kodi Addon (new version) 2022

Dear friends, if you like to watch all the big countries’ programming channels on your Kodi. Without paying any money then Stream2Watch Kodi addon is a great Kodi addon for that program. It provides you all the channels of these big countries without paying any money. The addon has many latest channels sections for the United Kingdom, Turkey, Germany, Spain, United States, Croatia, Canada, France, Serbia, and many more. This Kodi addon is the best offer for you to stream foreign countries’ channels on your Kodi app free of cost. And another benefit of the addon is that it is a Live TV Kodi addon.

Stream2Watch Kodi Add-on

Stream2Watch Kodi addon has a new version and install from Diggz Matrix Repository. Further, it works on all the Kodi app comfortable devices, for example, Android, iOS, Mac, Computer, Fire TV, Firestick, Roku, and others. The installation method of this Kodi addon is very easy by following the guidance in the center of the article. Let’s start now to install the add-on without wasting of time.

Sections of Stream2Watch Kodi Addon:

I mention some countries of channels of all OK.

  • United Kingdom channels.
  • Turkey channels.
  • Germany channels.
  • Spain channels.
  • United States channels.
  • Croatia channels.
  • Canada channels.
  • France channels.
  • Serbia channels.

Pay Attractions Kodi Users!

Before Using the Kodi addon first of all use a VPN to use the Kodi addons. At that time you say why we use VPN to use the Kodi addons there are many questions growing on your mind. Because the Addons are the 3rd party Kodi addons and the 3rd party thing are illegal to use. But the addons are not illegal it is 100% legal. The Kodi addons provide you all the video and programs contents. In that way, these Kodi have some problems with illegality. So if you like to not face any problems then use VPNs to use Kodi addons.

Then use VPNs because the VPNs can handle these problems very quickly. There are many VPNs are available on the market. You can use a very strong VPN like Express VPN or CyberGhost VPN. These VPNs are easily facing all the problems on the Kodi addon. I suggest you use these VPNs.

Installations Method of Stream2Watch Kodi Addon:

If you want to install this addon then follow these steps one by one given below.

1-The first step is that “open” your Kodi.

2-Click the “Settings” option.

Stream2Watch Kodi Add-on Settings

3-In the settings click the “System” Folder.

Stream2Watch Kodi Add-on System

4-Select the “Add-on” and click the “Unknown source”.

Stream2Watch Kodi Add-on Add-ons Unknown sources

5-Click “Yes”.

Stream2Watch Kodi Add-on Yes

5- Go back and select the “File Manager” folder.

Stream2Watch Kodi Add-on File manager

6- Select the “Add source”.

Stream2Watch Kodi Add-on Add source

7-Click the “NONE”.

Stream2Watch Kodi Add-on None

8- Enter this URL: “”

Stream2Watch Kodi Add-on URL

9- the name of media “ DIGGZ” or any name through which you can identify this source.

Stream2Watch Kodi Add-on DIGGZ

10- And click “OK”.

Stream2Watch Kodi Add-on OK

11-Go back to your home screen and select the “Add-ons”.

Stream2Watch Kodi Add-on Add-ons

12- Click the “Small Icon” option.

Stream2Watch Kodi Add-on Small Icon

13- Click the “Install from zip file” option.

Stream2Watch Kodi Add-on Install from zip file

14- And click “Yes”.

Stream2Watch Kodi Add-on Yes

15- Click the “DIGGZ” option.

Stream2Watch Kodi Add-on DIGGZ

16- Click on the “_Install_MATRIX_19_Repo” option.

Stream2Watch Kodi Add-on _Install_MATRIX_19_Repo

17- Click the “repository.diggzmatrix. zip”.

18- Wait for the installation message appears at the top of the screen.

Stream2Watch Kodi Add-on Diggz matrix Repository Add-on updated

19-Select the “Install from repository” option.

Stream2Watch Kodi Add-on Install from repository

20-Select the “Diggz Matrix Repository”.

Stream2Watch Kodi Add-on Diggz Matrix Repository

21-Click on the “Video Add-ons”.

Stream2Watch Kodi Add-on Video add-ons

22-Find “Stream2Wacth” and click it.

Stream2Watch Kodi Add-on Stream2Watch

23-Click the “Install” to install this addon.

Stream2Watch Kodi Add-on Install

24-Click “OK”.

Stream2Watch Kodi Add-on OK

25-Now wait for the “Stream2Watch Kodi addon” to be installed.

Stream2Watch Kodi Add-on Stream2Wacth Add-on installed

That it! Now can successfully Stream2Watch Kodi addon and ready to use.

It is legal and safe to use?

The Kodi addons are safe to use on any device but there are some small problems on the Kodi addons about illegality. Because the Kodi addons are the 3rd party addons and it allows you to stream unlimited video content in one Kodi addon. So in this case there are small problems with the Kodi addon. Don’t be the worry and use a VPN. VPNs can face these problems on your Kodi very comfortably. Before using VPN you never face any issues on your Kodi and other devices.


In our final words, stream2watch Kodi addon is the most popular Kodi addon to watch all the big countries’ famous channels and programs. It is a big offer to you because this Kodi add-on is fully free of cost. You can use the addon in any city in the world no matter where you are from. So, install the addon and enjoy these programs on your Kodi.

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