How to Install Taz19 Kodi Addon [Latest Version 2022]

You are the lucky guy who has reached this page. Since you will get information about a new Kodi addon to modify the Kodi app, so stay with us. It is the most modified and new Kodi addon in 2022. The Taz19 Kodi Addon can help you to stream amazing video content on your Kodi app. This Kodi addon has many amazing sections of Movies, TV Shows, Search, Discover, Popular People, Favorites, Lists, Downloads, Tools, Settings, etc. It gives you all the latest information on these programming sections. Therefore, you can easily watch all these programs on your Kodi app.

Taz19 Kodi Addon

Moreover, you can install the addon from Octopus Repository.Further, you can install the addon on your Kodi app, Fire TV, iOS, Androids, Mac, Roku, and other upgraded devices. And the installation process is the same for all devices. So let’s start to install the Taz19 Kodi addon.
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Sections of Taz19 Kodi Addon:

  • TV Shows.
  • Search.
  • Discover.
  • Popular People.
  • Favorites.
  • My Lists.
  • Downloads.
  • Tools.
  • Settings.
  • Movies.

Pay Attention Kodi Users!

In my every post, you see this one paragraph was the same because it is the same case in every Kodi Addons and every Kodi Builds.

So, there are some important things please note these words on your mind. After installing the Kodi addons you face some illegality issues on your Kodi app because the Kodi addons are the 3rd party Kodi addons. And it can allow you to stream unlimited content on your Kodi app. Do you know? The 3rd party things are illegal to use. Therefore you can face some problems with the use of the Kodi addon but don’t worry there is one solution to easily run the 3rd party Kodi addon. It is the use of a VPN. Before installing the Kodi addons first you can connect a VPN to your Kodi app because VPN can easily run these 3rd Kodi addons without any problem. Now you can think then which VPN is best for the Kodi app.

Express VPN is best for the Kodi app. Then I recommend you to use Express VPN. This VPN can work very perfectly on the Kodi device. After connecting the VPN on your Kodi app you can never face any problem on your Kodi app. So use this VPN

Installation Method of Taz19 Kodi Addon:

Follow the steps and it helps you with the installation of this Kodi addon.

1-Open your Kodi and click the “Settings” icon at top of the screen.

Taz19 Kodi Addon Settings

2-In the settings select the “System” folder.

Taz19 Kodi Addon System

3-Select the “Add-on” and click the “Unknown source” option.

Taz19 Kodi Addon Add-ons Unknown sources

4-Click the “Yes

Taz19 Kodi Addon Yes

Now, these steps are very important to install this Kodi addon

1-Go back your setting and select the “File Manager” folder.

Taz19 Kodi Addon File manager

2-Click the “Add Source” option.

Taz19 Kodi Addon Add source

3-Click the “Nona”.

Taz19 Kodi Addon None

4-Enter this URL: “” on the search bar and click ok.

Taz19 Kodi Addon URL

5-Type media name “octopus” and click ok.

Taz19 Kodi Addon octopus

6-Chack the URL and media name and click “OK”.

Taz19 Kodi Addon OK

7-Now go back to your home screen of Kodi and open the “Add-ons”.

Taz19 Kodi Addon Add-ons

8-Click the “Browser” icon at top of the screen.

Taz19 Kodi Addon Icon

9-Select the “Install from zip file” option.

Taz19 Kodi Addon Install from zip file

10-Click the media name “octopus”.

Taz19 Kodi Addon octopus

11-And click the “”.

Taz19 Kodi Addon

12-Please wait for the Add-on update message will appear at the top of the screen.

Taz19 Kodi Addon installed notification

13-When the message will appear then click the “Install from Repository” option.

Taz19 Kodi Addon Install from repository

14-Click on “Octopus Repository”.

Taz19 Kodi Addon Octopus Repository

15-Select the “Video Add-ons” option.

Taz19 Kodi Addon Video add-ons

16-Click the “Taz19” option.

Taz19 Kodi Addon Taz19

17-Click on the “Install” option to install this latest Kodi addon.

Taz19 Kodi Addon Install

18-Now again wait for the addon installation notification will appear at the top of the screen of Kodi.

Taz19 Kodi Addon notification

That’s it:

It is legal and safe to use?

It is the same information I give in every post. Yes, the Kodi app is the 100 % legal app to use in any country in the world. And there are some legal issues for the Kodi addons. Because the Kodi addons are the 3rd party Kodi addons and they have some problems to use. But by using a VPN you can easily use these add-ons without any problems. Moreover, it is safe to use on any device.


Well, that is all about the latest addon. I hope that you enjoyed this article and your all doubts regarding the Taz19 Kodi Addon are clear. So if you got any thoughts then feel free to comment below in the comment section. If you are a true Kodi addon lover and wanted to avail various benefits. Then Install this Kodi addon and enjoy your favorite things on your Kodi app.

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