Top 5 Best And Latest Kodi Builds (new version) 2022

Here, I am going to give you information about the top 5 Kodi builds 2022. This Kodi builds are the new versions Kodi builds in 2022. If you are a regular Kodi user and you can find the latest Kodi builds then you can land a perfect website Because it gives you all the information about Kodi Builds. This website provides you with all the best Kodi builds for you. These builds provide you with all the best entertainment programs on your Kodi. They work on FireStick, Android mobiles, Windows, Mac, and other Kodi-compatible devices. This list includes builds compatible with both Kodi 18 Leia and Kodi 19 Matrix. So in the below, you can see the top 6 latest Kodi Build you must check it.

Top 5 Kodi Builds

  • USA Kodi Build.
  • Sea World Kodi Build.
  • Clix 4K Kodi Build.
  • Nova Tv Kodi Build.
  • Batman Kodi Build.

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My dear Kodi users after installing these top best and latest Kodi builds you need to notices a thing on your mind. The Kodi app provides you with all the latest new version Kodi builds that’s all the 3rd party Kodi builds. In this case, you face some problems with using these Kodi builds about the legality. Because your Internet provider can see your online activities and your IP Address it can be shown to everyone. In this case, what do you do? Don’t be worrying. I am here now. Now I will give you a thing for you which can easily face these problems about using Kodi.

Use the best VPN. Because VPNs are easily faced with these problems about legality. The VPNs provide you with high-speed servers so you must connect a VPN on your Kodi. There are lots of VPNs are available. But I recommended you to use Express VPN or IPvanish VPN. Because these VPNs are working very great on Kodi.

1=USA Koid Build

usa kodi build

USA Kodi Build in the most famous Kodi build in 2022. Because this build has new latest version build. If you are a real Kodi user this build is very good for you and your family. This provides you all the new sections of entertainment, for example, it provides you with Live TV, Sports, Movies, USA News, TV Shows, TV guide, Cartoons, Kids, & many more amazing sections. After installation, this Kodi builds you can enjoy your favorite programs on your Kodi at any time of day. It allows you to streams any program worldwide. Moreover, the build works on Windows, iOS, Mac, Fire Tv, Firestick, and more devices. So if you want to install this amazing Kodi build on your Kodi and other devices. Then click this link:

How To Install USA Kodi Build.

2=Sea World Kodi Build

sea world kodi build

Sea World Kodi Build very great Kodi build. This build provides you with the best sections of shows like net free, TV Plus, Sports, Kids Zone, 4 HUB, Music, Sports 2, Fetch, All-Stars, and many more. It is the best platform for entertainment with high-class HD quality. This build provides you with everything you need to know about this Kodi build. Moreover, it is the best platform for watching everything in the world. It works on Android, Windows, iOS, Mac, Fire TV devices, etc. Follow the link for more information.

How to Install Sea World Kodi Build.

3=Clix 4K Kodi Build.

Clix 4K Kodi Build.

Clix 4K Kodi Build was very amazing Kodi build. Because the build allows accessing unlimited video content on your Kodi free of cost. This build is perfect for long-time use users of Kodi. Because the build provides you with all the latest movies and tv shows with the best HD quality. Moreover, this build has many sections for example sections of Movies, TV Shows, Documentaries, Boxsets, Genres, Movies by year, and many more. If you want to install this Kodi build then click the link given below.

How to Install Clix 4K Kodi Build.

4=Nova Tv Kodi Build.

Nova Tv Kodi Build

The Kodi app provides you with the best Tv in the world that’s is called Nova TV. Do you know what is it? it is the most popular Tv in the world. Now the Kodi app provides you with this latest thing. So the Nova Tv Kodi Build is here now. After installing this build it allows streaming unlimited multimedia content like movies, tv shows, etc. Moreover, there are many sections of Movies, TV Shows, Sports, Music, Live TV, and many more. Moreover, it works on the Kodi app, Firestick devices, android devices, IOS, TV Boxes, etc. So click the below link to install this amazing Kodi build.

How to Install Nova Tv Kodi Build.

5=BatMan Kodi Build

Batman kodi build

If you want to download any amazing Kodi build for Childers. So now I will Introduce a very famous Kodi Build in the world for kids. BatMan Kodi build is the most-watched Kodi build in the world. Because this Kodi build provides you with the new programs on your Kodi. The build has many latest sections on programs like Live TV, Sports, TV Shows, Movies, Music, Cartoons, and many more. This Kodi build is all in one Kodi build. If you download this Kodi build you never miss any movie, news, tv shows, and sports games in the world. This latest Kodi build was updated you from time to time about coming soon all the new programs. The build working on the Kodi app, Firestick, Fire Tv, and other Android devices. So, After reading this smell article you understand about Batman Kodi build if you like this build and you want to install this Kodi build on your devices. Then click the link given below.

How To Install BatMan Kodi Build.


In this article, we try our best to inform you about the top 5 best Kodi builds. The mentioned Kodi builds performing well on Kodi, therefore, you must taste these latest builds and enjoy the latest movies, shows, sports, and more fun. To know more about these builds read whole articles by clicking on the links. let me know your feelings about these Kodi builds by commenting on the comment box.

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