How to Install Xstream Kodi Add-on On Kodi & Other Devices (2022)

Xstream Kodi Add-on is a world of all the sections of the latest programs. It has like a global search engrain of all the video content in the world. The add-on provides you with all our the world’s best programming sections like Dokus4, Film Plast, Alleseries, Movie4k Clik, Kinox, Kinoger, Kino AG, HD Filme,, Filmmerstube, MovieTowne, SerienSZtream, MovieKing, MovieStream &, etc and it’s looking all-on-one Kodi add-on. XStream Kodi add-on gives you all the updates of these all-section programs. If you are a lover of watching new movies or old movies then this Kodi add-on is a great selection for streaming these all programs on your Kodi app and other devices at a time. So you are interested more in the Kodi add-on then your must-visit it Ture Crime Network

XStream Kodi Add-on

Further XStream Kodi add-on works on all the compatible Kodi devices, for example, it works on, Mac, Ios, Firestick, Fire TV, and more. After installing the add-on your feel never bro on your Kodi app. When you start to watch this all section of programs you feel very happy. Stream the programs on your family and friends and be happy in your life.

Sections of Xstream Kodi Add-on

  • Dokus4.
  • Film Plast.
  •  Alleseries.
  •  Movie4k Clik.
  •  Kinox, Kinoger.
  •  Kino AG, HD Filme.
  • Filmmerstube.
  •  MovieTown.
  • SerienSZtream.
  • MovieKing.
  • MovieStream.

Pay Attraction Kodi Users!

So after reading the first paragraph of this article you like to install the Kodi add-on. But before using this great Kodi build you must read this paragraph. It is very important for you to use this Kodi Build. So before using the Kodi add-ons you must connect your Kodi with a powerful VPN like Express VPN. Because this Kodi add-on is a 3rd party Kodi add-on and it gives you unlimited video content in the world.

At that time when you start using this Kodi add-on, your IP Address is shown for everyone and your internet service provider sees your online activity what you are doing on the Kodi app. At that time, you face these losses on your Kodi. Then use a VPN for your protection.

Installation Method of Xstream Kodi Add-on

These steps help you to how to install this Kodi add-on. Then follow the steps very beautiful.

1-First open your Kodi and click the “Setting symbol”.

XStream Kodi Add-on Setting

2-Select the “System” option.

XStream Kodi Add-on System

3-Click the “Add-ons” and press the “Unknown source”.

XStream Kodi Add-on Add-ons Unknown sources

4-Click on the “Yes” option.

XStream Kodi Add-on Yes

5-Go back setting and click the “File Manager” folder.

XStream Kodi Add-on File manager

6-Click on “Add Source”.

XStream Kodi Add-on Add source

7-Click on the “None” option.

XStream Kodi Add-on None

8-Enter this URL: “” and click ok.

XStream Kodi Add-on URL

9-The Next box types the name of media like “Xstream” and click OK.

XStream Kodi Add-on media name

10-Go the home screens of Kodi and select the “Add-ons”.

XStream Kodi Add-on add-ons

11-Click the “small Icon” option at the top of the screen.

XStream Kodi Add-on Icon

12-Click on the “Install from zip file” option.

XStream Kodi Add-on Install from zip file

13-Click on the “Yes” option.

XStream Kodi Add-on Yes

14-Select your media name “XStream”.

XStream Kodi Add-on Xstream

16-Click on this URL: “repository.xstream-x.x.xzip”.

XStream Kodi Add-on URL

17-Wait for the Repository to download installed notification will appear at the top of the screen.

XStream Kodi Add-on Installation message

18-Click on “Install from repository”.

XStream Kodi Add-on Install from repository

19-Select the “xStream Repository”.

XStream Kodi Add-on xStream Repository

20-Select the “Video Add-ons”.

XStream Kodi Add-on Video add-ons

21-Click the “XStream” option.

XStream Kodi Add-on xtream

22-Click “OK“.

XStream Kodi Add-on OK

22-Click the “Install” option.

XStream Kodi Add-on Install

23-Wait for a few seconds for “Xstream” installations message will appear at the top of a Screen.

XStream Kodi Add-on

That’s it you have successfully installed the XStream Kodi add-on .

XStream Kodi Add-on

That’s Great!

It is legal and safe to use?

Yes, it is legal and safe to use. But there are some small issues with the Kodi add-ons. Because these Kodi add-ons are very powerful add-ons and they give you all the unlimited video content. So the Kodi add-on has some problems to use. Don’t be panic you can easily use this Kodi add-on with help of a VPN. VPN can easily run these Kodi add-ons without any problem.


In the end, I would like to mention the importance XStream Kodi Add-on being the most popular Kodi add-on and it allows you to watch all the latest programs on your Kodi without facing any problem on the programs. So enjoy all the movies and other programs on your Kodi at any time and enjoy your life.

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